Entertainment Finance in 2021 has now re-opened Real Estate Investment to its List of active investments in addition to providing consideration to Independent producers for projects in the final stages of Finance.

We provide Real estate consulting and investment as well as final capital needed to complete Film projects

The three essential elements needed to make the investment; Attachments, Distribution, and Partial Funding.

We also have the capability to provide one or all of the essential elements, distribution, funding, and attachments which are sometimes missing when developing a potentially successful film project.

All projects are considered on their individual potential and receive preference when the investment returns are considerable and the elements are mostly or all in place at the time of submission.

Entertainment Finance llc receives a standard fee for facilitating feature film projects of 5% front-end and 5% back-end participation along with credits.

The Three Elements:

In the Organizational assessment to optimize effectiveness the following elements determine the level of Investment interest;
 The following are essential elements for Investment consideration for Entertainment Finance LLC; These Elements include but are not limited to:

1. Partial Funding. This should include a written letter of interest or commitment to the designated project or group of projects, 
Proof of funds allocated to the designated project or projects, A clearly outlined assignment of the appointed party or parties providing the actual investment in writing, A designated structure or the special purpose vehicle that will be used to facilitate the project or projects funding schedule and the person who will be assigned to control it.

2. Attached Talent. Above the line talent: producer, director, Marketable recognizable acting talent with a proven record of success bringing a return. A written agreement for interest and or commitment, either shall be current and from a person with the authority to do so; i.e. The actor himself or his legally appointed agent.

3. Distribution. Foreign sales projections from a recognized sales agency on letterhead outlining the agencies clear interest in providing the distribution resources. A North American distribution company with a letter of interest and or commitment in the designated project or projects. 

4. Tax incentives. A letter on letterhead from the state office outlining the interest and participation in the discussed project or projects, a contact person and the State departments agreement with regard to the amount of incentive based on the budget and time frame for payment of the percentage of incentive. https://www.epfinancialsolutions.com/home/production-incentives/united-states-incentives/

5. Additional letters of Enhancement. Letters of commitment from In Kind Investment parties, Studios, and Above or below the line talent. These letters shall outline the full commitment of the party, The amount of time, equipment, location, and value thereof.

Please be advised; these are the essential elements that will ease the participation of our investment and the the expeditiousness of the response to it's request. 
I hope this helps us to keep a clear path to our success for a profitable  ongoing relationship for financing your entertainment related projects.